November 17, 2021

IU Health uses new technology that obliterates kidney stones

INDIANAPOLIS–One in ten Americans will come down with a kidney stone in their lifetimes.

This painful condition usually associated with nausea can be confirmed with a cat scan. Medicines are available for treatment but for those patients with multiple stones who find themselves in emergency rooms periodically, MOSES technology could be an option.

Kidney stones are a mixture of crystals that grow on top of each other. They are formed in urine that is very concentrated or urine that has a predisposition to forming crystals.

Dr. Marcelino Rivera is a urologist with IU Health and has used MOSES on a number of his patients.

“When we fire a typical laser a single pulse goes to the stone. But with this new technology, we actually create a single pulse that creates a kind of vacuum and then a second pulse…

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