July 31, 2021
General News

Janet Mills wants the US to reopen its border with Canada

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QUOTE OF THE DAY: “It was unbelievable, the amount of people that were searching for him. It just warmed my heart,” said Ellen Trask of Presque Isle, whose dog was tracked down with the help of social media after initially being stolen along with her husband’s truck. “A lot of people have posted in various places about this whole thing and said ‘people are so bad and it’s terrible.’ But I’ll tell you right now, it just shows me how good people generally are.”

What we’re watching today

The prolonged closure of the U.S.-Canadian border has created a mismatch in access and clearly frustrated Maine politicians. The news that Canada would soon start allowing vaccinated U.S. citizens to cross the border was dampened when the U.S. government…

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