August 2, 2021

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin nods to send him and three others into space-Technology News, Firstpost

Cape Canaveral: Jeff Bezos’ rocket company, including himself, has government approval to launch people into space.

Amazon’s founder climbed on a New Shepard rocket in western Texas next Tuesday to his brother’s 82 year old female aviation pioneer When $ 28 million auction winner. This will be the first launch by Blue Origin passengers. Blue Origin, like Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, will begin flying paid customers in the coming months.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued OK on Monday. The license is valid until August.

Founder of Virgin Galactic Billionaire on Sunday Richard Branson He carried his own rocket-powered aircraft into space with five office workers. A specially designed aircraft carried a winged ship over New Mexico. The spaceplane fell, launched a rocket motor, soared to 53.5 miles (86 km), and then glide…

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