September 27, 2021

Job scams, phony work-from-home offers and fake bonuses

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Scammers want to trick you into thinking you’re hired. Instead of making money, you could be ripped off by the thousands.

Crooks troll legit job ad websites. They reel you in with a great sounding gig, like working from home or hiring bonuses. Do not be fooled.

“They put up this fake profile, this fake website, looked all kosher,” said Ryan Boyd.

Boyd thought she was a shipping executive, working from home and making $3,000 in three weeks.

“The packages were totally random. There was a baseball bat, wiring harness for mustang, pipes. I mean random,” Boyd said.

All she had to do was mail the items. Payday did not happen.

“Come Monday, no word, no money. Come Tuesday, no word, no money,” Boyd said.

Workers at the Better Business Bureau say they’re seeing an uptick in employment scams because the pandemic. They found this fraud most commonly impacts…

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