September 24, 2021

Job training scam targets Houstonians looking for work

HOUSTON – Job layoffs and furloughs from the start of the pandemic left thousands of Houstonians unemployed and looking for work.

KPRC 2 Investigates went undercover to expose one business preying on those very people, luring them in with the promise of a job and then just taking their money.

After weeks of investigating, we have the warning you should share with your family and friends. A job touting forklift operator positions with full benefits and paid vacation sounded great.

“The biggest highlight was $18.25 an hour,” said Donovan Selman.

It was just what Selman was looking for to cover extra expenses as his daughter headed off to Kentucky for college.

“I just happened to get an email from Coca-Cola,” said Donovan.

The message said, “The forklift position you have applied for is available.” It said it was “98% guaranteed.”

To obtain the job, the message said Selman…

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