October 20, 2021

John Deere evolves with innovative new technology

As agricultural technology continues to rapidly evolve, global farm machinery firm John Deere is tapping into how to put it into its products.

On the ground at Beef Australia, John Deere managing director Australia and New Zealand Luke Chandler has had a busy week, speaking at a tech talk and judging at the Pitch in the Paddock.

“I’ve been spending time talking to people in the industry, looking at some of the new technologies, talking to customers about how we can engage,” he said.

“There are technologies John Deere is investigating to help make farmers and customers more sustainable.”

Technological features on machinery are becoming more and more comprehensive and innovative.

“Those technologies are key to help make Australian farmers more competitive on the world stage,” Mr Chandler said.

“We have been partnering with Australian farmers on technology for decades.


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