November 15, 2021
Real Estate

Jumping into the real estate fray | News

Fian Labiste has been a licensed real estate agent in DeLand for about two months, and he’s entering a bustling field when the market is hot. He didn’t always see himself in real estate, but now he’s one of the youngest agents at Bee Realty Corp. 

In high school, Labiste became interested in real estate, in part, he said, because he was nosy. 

“I was always looking at homes, and I would watch a lot of the real estate shows,” Labiste told The Beacon. “It’s just my curiosity about it, and I fell in love.” 

Graduating from the University of Central Florida in December 2020, Labiste was ready to take his bachelor’s degree in sports science to a big-shot team like the Orlando Magic. 

Then — in a twist of fate that is beginning to…

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