October 19, 2021

Justice Seepersad’s ruling on Fixed Number Portability

Above: Rotary phone. Photo by Giovanni Cancemi/DepositPhotos

Originally published in Newsday BusinessDay for August 05, 2021

The finding delivered by Justice Frank Seepersad on July 28 was clear, “The Court hereby declares that TSTT is legally obligated to implement FNP (Fixed Number Portability) and the parties shall be heard on the issue of costs.”

What was at stake here and what does it mean for consumers? What are the likely next steps?

The first response came from TSTT, which immediately shot back with a press release, noting that, “The Court made no mandatory order against TSTT.”
That might be interpreted as PR-speak for “We haven’t been ordered to do anything.”

TSTT’s role in this judicial review of telecommunications law as “an interested party,” it noted in response to Justice Seepersad’s findings.
The judge reviewed the laws…

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