June 18, 2021

Karnataka High Court directs probe to be monitored by senior IPS officer

This apart, the Court also dealt with issues of availability of beds and Remdesivir in the State. The Court took note that the State has said that 45,754 beds; 5,305 ICU beds; and 4,109 ICU beds with ventilators are available. However, the requirement suggested by Centre is to have 66,333 general beds.

“Thus, generally, it can be said that there is a huge shortage at the State level,” the Court observed.

Noting that the situation is ‘grim’ in the State, the Court proceeded to pass the following directions:

  • Chief Commissioner of BBMP to take over the facility of beds and staff offered by the Air Force within 24 hours and make sure the facility is made operational immediately.

  • State to offer an explanation in writing as to why beds that were offered by Railways were not taken over till today.

  • State to show district-wise break up of beds and requirement of beds.

  • It is high time that the…

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