November 17, 2021

Keep an eye out for June celestial events-Technology News, Firstpost

Stargazer is looking forward to June as many sky phenomena will occur in the coming days. Space enthusiasts will observe several sky events in June, such as the movement of the moon to the planet. Let me introduce the phenomenon that will occur this month.

Jupiter’s double-passing shadow will be observed on June 12

Saturday, June 5

Stargazers in most parts of Europe and Africa can see the round black shadows cast by Jupiter’s four Galilean moons. They can use an amateur telescope to see the phenomenon starting at 2:22 AM Eastern European Summer Time (4:52 AM IST).

Sunday, June 6

3 Juno, a large asteroid in the asteroid belt, confronts each other. You can see it all night with a telescope in the backyard. As the distance between Junho and the Earth is shortened, it looks big and bright.

Monday, June 7

The old crescent moon near Uranus is…

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