July 27, 2021

Keeping up the innovation momentum – Med-Tech Innovation

Ian Bolland is joined by Bernard Ross, CEO of Sky Medical to discuss keeping up the innovation momentum that has developed since the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Bernard takes us through first hearing about the outbreak, trialling new products in the period and then finding new uses for existing technology, as well as adapting to a new normal and what’s required to bring new products to the front-line. 

We refer to an article Bernard wrote for Med-Tech Innovation news here: https://www.med-technews.com/medtech-insights/latest-medtech-insights/why-we-cannot-abandon-innovation-beyond-covid/

Matt Watts, head of product research & development at Sky Medical will be speaking on Day One of Med-Tech Innovation Expo on the HealthTech Stage. Register at med-techexpo.com.

Read full article here: www.med-technews.com