July 28, 2021

Keeping your business safe from the dangers of hacking when remote working

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Mark Brown, Founder of Psybersafe, explores the dangers of hacking when working from home and offers some advice on how to keep your business safe

Over the last year and a half more businesses than ever have had to adapt to working from home. This is likely to continue to a certain extent as life starts to return to normal but it can increase the risk of your business being hacked. With cyberattacks an increasing risk for organisations of all sizes, Mark Brown, founder of Psybersafe says that businesses should be paying more attention to training their people to spot and avoid potential scams.

Around 90% of successful cyberattacks are down to human error. The pandemic hasn’t helped: hackers are quick to spot a new gap in the market, so it’s unsurprising that Covid-related phishing attacks rose by 600%. In fact, in April 2020 at the beginning of…

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