November 15, 2021

Kendra Clark: Beware of the gift card scam

On a recent afternoon, I made a grocery run to the Raley’s in Grass Valley. I scored a decent parking spot, then navigated my way through the tangle of shoppers and carts and cars.

Once inside, there was a noticeable energy shift in the air around me as my attention fell on a frantic, albeit well-put together, woman. She was probably my mother’s age, nervously talking on the phone while fumbling through a stack of still-hanging gift cards.

“Sephora. They only come in increments of $500,” I heard her say in a shaky voice, as she grabbed a large stack of $500 gift cards. “You want me to get all of them?”

For a split second, I thought I was witnessing the purchase of a lifetime supply of skincare and beauty products from the cosmetics company (I mean, how does one become so lucky?). But then I realized — this poor woman was being scammed.

According to the Federal…

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