November 17, 2021

Key indicators show that the US economy is recovering, but it will never be the same

Here’s a list of some indicators that the United States is recovering from the pandemic.

The airline business is surging, so much so that the Transportation Security Administration has asked some of its office workers to help security officers with a surge of summer travel at the nation’s largest airports. And while airlines still haven’t quite hit their pre-pandemic numbers, eased Covid-19 restrictions point to hope for the future of the industry.
People are traveling again, and not just to faraway places. Vacation home sales are up 33% through April over last year, according to a report from the National Association of Realtors. The top 10 vacation counties were concentrated in just a few states, which include Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and North Carolina.

Lipstick sales are up

Americans are getting glam again after the CDC lifted mask mandates for vaccinated people…

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