October 20, 2021

Kilkenny students urged to be wary of rental scams as they return to college – Kilkenny Now

Kilkenny students returning to third-level institutions and others attending for the first time are being urged to watch out for fraudsters pulling rental scams.

With accommodation at a premium and rental properties becoming harder to find in some college towns and cities due to supply issues, Kilkenny gardai are asking people to look out for the tell-tale signs of scams.

A spokesperson for Kilkenny gardai said there is a problem with rental fraud at present and the scams generally fall into three categories.

“Firstly,” the spokesperson said, “the scammer claims to be out of the country and can’t show you the property and requests a deposit

“The scammer is living at the property and shows a number of people around, gets a deposit from several people and disappears with the money

“And finally, the transaction appears normal until the renter finds the…

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