November 17, 2021

Kiwis lose $5 million to scammers in just three months

Online safety organisation Netsafe says New Zealanders have lost more than $5 million to scammers in the last three months – and it’s showing no sign of slowing.

According to Nesafe’s quarterly report, the last financial quarter saw an almost 25 percent decrease in scam reports overall – but the Kiwis who were scammed got scammed hard, with a 21.3 percent increase in the amount lost.

The average loss was $6467.22.

The most reported category of scams was relationship and trust fraud followed by consumer investment fraud. The average loss for a romance scam was $28,752.32.

Netsafe chief executive Martin Cocker says he knows there are more victims out there.

“We know the number of losses reported to Netsafe represent only a fraction of the money lost. Sometimes people can be embarrassed to seek help, or they simply don’t know where to go for support which can add to the harm they experience.”

As well as losing more money, New…

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