October 20, 2021

Kyle Sandler, John McAfee associate who scammed Alabama town out of $1.9 million, featured on HBO’s Generation Hustle — Scam Guards

The HBO Max true-crime docuseries “Generation Hustle” is shining new light on the unlikely story of how a conman bilked a range of Alabama investors, including a tech pioneer, out of $1.9 million.

The true crime docu-series, now streaming, bills itself as featuring “outrageous and high-stakes new stories about brilliant and brazen young individuals, some of whom go too far by pulling off the most wildly inventive scams of our time.”

Among its rogues gallery is Kyle Geoffrey Sandler, a Maryland transplant to Alabama who formed the Round House in Opelika as a launching pad for new tech companies in October 2014.

Sandler advertised the Roundhouse as a business incubator company to help develop new and startup companies by providing services such as venture capital, office space, 1-gigabit Internet and management training.

And though he told locals he was a former Google executive, Sandler had arrests for theft,…

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