August 1, 2021
Real Estate

Lafayette real estate agent explains housing market and how the moratorium will affect it

LAFAYETTE — Now that the moratorium for rent has been extended to the end of July, many can take a step back and have another month to pay their rent, but some are still wondering how this will affect the housing market once it ends.

Many who are searching for rental properties, rather than apartments, are running into the issue of long waiting lists and slim pickings.

“Whenever I started my search I quickly realized that there wasn’t much out there for a renter,” says one renter. “When it came time to actually start thinking about putting a deposit down, I started to realize that something that I really liked became more expensive and within two days of it being on the market there were about thirty applicants and then the next day it would be gone.”

Jim Keaty, the broker and owner of Keaty Real Estate, says that he has never seen so few rental properties on the market and he says…

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