June 13, 2021
Real Estate

Lake County real estate monthly market update for April 2021 – Lake County Record-Bee

LAKE COUNTY— Looking at the market statistics from this past April vs. April 2020 continues to reflect low  inventory and high demand. Spring is traditionally a time of more activity in the market and we  are seeing that. Compared to last month active listings are slightly up (March 128 vs. April 136)  and sales quickly follow (March 73 vs April 96) as many homes are selling as soon as they hit  the market.

Here is a snapshot of the Lake County CA Realestate Market for April 2021 compared to April  2020:

Active listings throughout Lake County CA were 136 which is down 51.1% from April 2020.  – Active listings in Lakeport were 21, down 19.2%.

– Active listings in Kelseyville were 25, down 63.8%.

– Active listings in Hidden Valley were 17, down 63%. (Which is notably up from last month  when active listings in Hidden Valley were only 9)

– Active listings in clearlake…

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