September 16, 2021
Real Estate

Larry Silverstein Was the Symbol of Real Estate on NYC’s Darkest Day – Commercial Observer

As far as real estate was concerned, there was one central figure in the drama surrounding 9/11: Larry Silverstein.

He was already a legendary figure in the business, but he had taken possession of the Twin Towers only six weeks earlier, which added a whole backstory. He was warm and avuncular, but he also had a New Yorker’s grit and determination.

One can see it 20 years later. Any lingering uncertainty about whether there will be a return to normalcy post-pandemic is put to rest by the distinguished 90-year-old developer.

“I have watched New Yorkers navigate and grow stronger through many major crises, including World War II, the fiscal crisis of the 1970s, the blackout of 1977, the early 1990s recession, the dot-com bust, the September 11 attacks, the Great Recession following the collapse of Lehman Brothers and Superstorm Sandy,” Silverstein said. “From these…

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