September 24, 2021
General News

Letter: Ignore party politics when redrawing legislative districts | Letters to the editor

Under Amendment 3 (SJR 38), both the House and Senate Independent Bipartisan Citizen Commissions charged with redistricting have 10 Republicans and 10 Democrats and must arrive at 70% agreement on a map within six months. Several tie votes at the House commission’s organizational meeting on Aug. 10 make it very likely that legislative map-drawing will go to a panel of six appellate judges. That’s not the way the majority of the citizens of Missouri wanted it to work.

A nonpartisan redistricting process would best serve the public. I would like to see a fair, civil and transparent process.

The General Assembly will draw the lines for Missouri’s eight congressional districts when it returns in January. I can only hope that the public will have ample opportunity to review and share input on draft maps for both congressional and legislative districts.

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