November 16, 2021
General News

Letter of the week: The energy revolution

Ruth Brandon is right that electricity is the same whether it comes from fossil fuels or renewable sources (Correspondence, 28 May). But Helen Thompson is right about the scope of the political challenge (These Times, 21 May). Renewable energy sources produce some 6 per cent of the energy we use, not taking into consideration embodied energy in products we buy from factories abroad. To be carbon neutral we need to expand our total installed renewable capacity by a factor of about 16, or use a lot less energy – preferably both. Add in the need to reverse 20th-century practices in farming, plastic waste, etc, and we’re faced with a social revolution that few elected governments even dare  think about.
Tim Swann
Trelech, Carmarthenshire

Go big or go home

John Gray’s review of Ed Miliband’s book Go Big: How to Fix Our World (The Critics, 4 June) is remorselessly critical in…

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