September 17, 2021

Letters to the Editor September 5, 2021: From US to Israeli politics

Lauding Lapid

So Amotz Asa-el thinks Alternate Prime Minister Yair Lapid is the “Person of the year” (September 3). While it required some skill to cobble together such a diverse coalition, he succeeded only because all his parties desperately sought power and were determined to get rid of Bibi at any cost.

Forgoing the chance of being PM first did not show “generosity” – Naftali Bennett would not have joined him otherwise. Similarly, taking less than his proportionate share of ministers was not due to “nobility and leadership” since he created a bloated cabinet, contrary to all his promises. A truly “noble” leader would have called the heads of the other seven parties together and said if any one of them insisted on more than their proportionate share, there would be no government.

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