August 1, 2021

Levy Lays Out Symphony Multiverse

In Nick Payne’s play Constellations, theoretical physicist Marianne describes the quantum multiverse as an ensemble of parallel universes in which every possible future exists, so that every decision we make – or don’t make – determines which future we actually experience.

Brad Levy, chief executive of Symphony since June this year, has named the financial markets’ infrastructure and technology platform’s 2025 strategic as the “multiverse” because he believes the future will involve a mixture of digital and analogue. Levy replaced David Gurlé, who founded Symphony in 2014, when he stepped back from the role of chief executive at the end of May. Gurlé continues to be part of the board to support Symphony on strategic matters.

Levy told Markets Media that finance is not going to move completely into the digital world and leave analogue…

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