July 27, 2021

Local coffee shop encourages people to bike, walk over driving to business

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Business is booming at one Albuquerque coffee shop. It’s actually encouraging customers to avoid driving there.

Starting next week, Bike In Coffee in Old Town is going to charge $5 for vehicles that park there. The owner tells News 13 what started as a hub for pedestrians and bicyclists has turned into quite a traffic jam. “People came here more and more. The musicians, all the places they played were closed and so music started happening here and one thing led to another. I wish I could say it was a plan but it wasn’t,” says Owner Lanny Tonning.

Bike In Coffee has been around for nearly a decade. Tonning says they see several hundred bicyclists each weekend.

He says during the pandemic, their business increased because all of their seating is outdoors. But along with more bike traffic, they gained more vehicle…

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