August 2, 2021

Local father and son work with Bucknell Technology to help clean up Lewisberg | Pennsylvania News

LEWSIBURG — When Samantha Pearson, retired director of Lewisburg Neighborhood, needs to help repair a broken trash grabber used by volunteers to clean downtown after a long winter, she is a devoted volunteer, Dave Elton. I relied on the volunteer parter. The former is a retired engineering professor and the latter is a retired pathologist and lifelong tinkerer. They carry out repairs on various local community organizations. Ramperter enjoys “autopsy” broken items to see how they work. Often, when something breaks, it’s a simple repair that saves the organization money. In many cases, the parts needed for repair can be manufactured from hardware purchased from Cole’s or from metal purchased from Milton’s Trate’s Surplus.

A post-mortem analysis of the garbage grabber showed that the same small link was broken in all the garbage grabbers. The link may be made…

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