November 15, 2021

Local Mother Loses Life Savings in Real Estate Scam – NBC 6 South Florida

A South Florida single mother spent her life savings to put down a deposit for a condo. But the money ended up in the wrong hands. 

“I said it’s over. I lost my money,” Patricia Verlino told NBC 6. “Somebody did this to me and I am not going to recover.”

Patricia was just starting to settle into her new condo in Davie with her two teenage daughters. Now, she has to move out by Friday.  

The $63,000 down payment to close was sent from her bank in a wire transfer. Patricia told NBC 6 she worked years to save the deposit.  

“A lot of sacrifice,” Patricia said. “A lot of times without the girls because I get out of one job and go to another one. I work on the weekends. Also, I don’t go on vacation with the girls.”

Patricia shared with NBC 6 documents showing she closed on the home with the title company earlier this month. But she said, as…

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