November 15, 2021

Looking for a new job? Be aware of fraudsters who are offering jobs

COLORADO SPRINGS — People looking to get back to work, or who are maybe are in search of a better job are becoming prime targets for fraudsters behind costly unemployment scams. News 5 shows us some things to think about during your next job search that could help you avoid trouble.

Right now employment experts tell News5 there are more job opportunities out there than people who are applying to work. So it’s up to employers to attract applicants, but those extra incentives that used to be too good to be true are creating an opening for fraudsters.

Employment scams are being reported to the Federal Trade Commission in record numbers since the start of the pandemic aiming to steal personal information or money from people looking for a new job. Fraud experts say the people behind these schemes will often extend job offers through social media platforms, emails, and even text messages…

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