June 13, 2021
Real Estate

Love and Death and Real Estate

There’s this delicious quote Diane Keaton’s character utters in Love and Death: “If everybody went to the same restaurant on the same evening and ordered blintzes, there’d be chaos. But they don’t.”

As anyone who has considered buying or selling their home recently has found out, because the pandemic caused many to put their plans on pause for a year and the Fed lowered interest rates, every buyer is going to the same apps at the same time and wants to buy a house with the same features. It’s chaos, and until more inventory comes onto the market, buyers will have to prepare for an epic battle.

Strangely enough, there’s another “blintz” moment happening in the real estate industry: again, thanks in part to the pandemic, those workers who had to find new jobs overwhelmingly decided to go for the same job at the same time, and got their real estate license. And somehow, they all…

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