July 28, 2021
Real Estate

Magic City named #1 real estate market in the country | News

BILLINGS – If you live in the Magic City you probably know what a lovely place it is to live here. Well, people from across the U.S. are taking notice because Billings has been crowned the number one real estate market in the country.

That’s according to the Wall Street Journal.

We know why it’s so great to be here, but we spoke with Chantilly Hook, a Real Estate Broker from Wilson and Wilson, who says the growth of Billings is partly due to the pandemic.

She says residents from bigger cities, especially out in California, have looked to smaller rural towns to escape denser, more populated places in the nation.

According to Hook, it is a seller’s market right now, with a lot of bidding wars happening.

If you are looking to buy a home, she says you need to be…

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