August 2, 2021

Man loses more than £20,000 from crypto scam

A man, who met someone on the dating app Grindr, ended up being a victim of a cryptocurrency scam, losing over £20,000.

The victim, who asked not to be named, said he met a man who goes by the name David. The victim, whom the online news publication named “James Evans,” described David as friendly and chatty, The Guardian reported.

“It started off as a normal conversation. We moved to WhatsApp and exchanged messages. After a few days he started telling me about crypto trading and how I could earn money from it,” recalled the victim, adding he honestly thought it was a genuine connection.

Scammer goes to work

Evan’s case was sort of unique, as the culprit did not ask for any kind of financial help, employing a different tactic to carry out his scheme.

According to the victim, the man he met via the dating app persuaded him to sign up for a fake investment.

David first convinced him to set up an account with Binance and…

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