November 17, 2021

Manistee County business sells handcrafted products with holistic intentions

MANISTEE COUNTY — A Manistee County couple is bringing a holistic approach to health with handcrafted salves, serums, teas and balms under the business called Stohlistic Bison.

Rebecca Herd, co-owner of Stohlistic Bison, said the name for the business started after teaching herbal classes in Sun City, Arizona where many of the people she interacted with were part of the retirement community.

“In (my work with) cannabis and in herbs, I realized people were approaching me with pains and ailments they had acquired over time over their life …They had that look of stoicism on their face just to get through the day,” Herd said. “And I’m here to say ‘Hey, there’s a whole other holistic approach to that stoicism. Carry that look if you need to, but try this (in the meantime.)’”

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