August 1, 2021
Real Estate

Marketing Your Short-Term Rental for Success

The short-term rental market took a hit during the pandemic. Despite the lull, the opportunity for short-term rentals remains strong. Analysts anticipate over 59.5 million people will choose short-term rentals in 2021, reaching pre-pandemic levels.

But like any business, succeeding in short-term rentals requires marketing. You have to get the word out, and you need a market differentiator, so they choose you. Wondering if marketing your short-term rental more strategically could increase your bookings and maximize profits? Here’s what you need to know.

1. Build a Brand that Earns Premium Rates

If someone just needs a place to stay in your area, chances are they’ll look for the cheapest rates on something that meets their needs. That’s all good and well if you want to compete as the lowest price rental. But it’s hard to make that up in volume.

Instead, tackle the competition by…

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