October 20, 2021

Mass. business officials urge action on climate change

Massachusetts business officials on Wednesday urged the state’s largest corporations, startups, investors, and consumers to continue their efforts to stem climate change, noting that a growing urgency to slow down the planet’s warming is helping spur innovation in the region.

“We have a limited amount of time,” Emily Reichert, the chief executive of clean-tech incubator Greentown Labs, said in a virtual panel discussion, part of the inaugural Globe Summit, a three-day conference running this week. “Climate change is upon us, and we’ve got to get this right.”

In some ways, Reichert said, the pandemic has not helped slow the planet’s warming. Greenhouse gas emissions remain similar to pre-pandemic levels, she said, and consumer habits have regressed towards habits harmful to the climate, such as the increased use of single-use plastic cups.

But she said there has been a…

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