June 20, 2021

Mastering online learning to level up | MIT News

A number of pervasive myths surround online learning: that it’s isolating, that the quality of instruction is innately lower than in an in-person classroom, or that it’s only for those who can’t succeed in traditional educational settings.

Abigael Bamgboye, an accomplished and highly self-motivated university graduate who just completed the MITx MicroMasters Data and Economic Development Policy (DEDP) program, gives the lie to all these myths.

Instead of feeling isolated, Bamgboye connected with communities of learners around the world. Instead of experiencing a watered-down version of graduate studies, she discovered a challenging and rewarding introduction to masters-level work in a field that interests her deeply, and that will help inform her future career. And far from pursuing online study as an alternative to traditional higher education, this…

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