June 18, 2021
General News

Meet KP George, Fort Bend County’s first foreign-born county judge

SUGAR LAND, Texas (KTRK) — KP George is the first person of color to serve as Fort Bend County Judge.

He’s also the first to be born in another country.

But when we met for an interview, his home looked like so many in Fort Bend County. It was still destroyed after his pipes burst in February’s winter storm.

“I’m born and raised in the south of India, all the way on the southern tip and grew up in a village. To give you an idea, the village got electricity in 2007,” he explained. “No electricity, no running water, nothing.”

George always wanted to come to the United States.

“In our school, those who could not afford lunch, they brought big packets, like sacks, full of processed wheat,” he said. “One thing I saw there was that big sack. On the top was written USA, in red letters, I still remember.”

He managed to get a VISA and move to the country in 1993.

By the time he moved to Fort Bend…

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