June 20, 2021

Merkel’s Twilight Months Cloud German Crisis Rebound: Eco Week

The Germany economy is enduring a moment of flux as it tries to shake off the coronavirus crisis, just as the era of Chancellor Angela Merkel draws to a close.

In just three months on Wednesday, voters will choose a new government in an election that augurs a turning point as she leaves a political void after 13 years in office — accompanied by a sense of unfinished business in retooling the continent’s growth engine.

The task that will now pass to Merkel’s successor, who must confront the challenge of how to re-engineer Europe’s biggest economy and reap the opportunities of the post-crisis world, without losing its edge.

While the pandemic may be a catalyst for change, the job still won’t be easy.

Firstly, the country’s recovery must still fully take hold, with data due this week to show the extent of economic damage caused during lockdowns at the…

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