September 17, 2021

Mexican fast food couple ran a scam, prosecutors say » Scammer News

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“What can I say other than I am obsessed with the chicharron quesadilla!” wrote a Yelp reviewer for the Las Quesadillas restaurant in late 2018. “This place is so good. It is the definition of a hole in the wall.”

But behind the cash register, the location’s owners were engaged in a fraud that tricked Mexican investors out of $1 million, according to a federal grand jury indictment earlier this month that was unsealed on Monday.

The Texas State Securities Board, which helped investigate the case, is calling it the “Quesadilla Caper.”

San Antonio residents Juan Enrique Kramer and his wife, Adriana Pastor, who together owned several restaurants throughout Texas and San Antonio, are accused of roping Mexican investors into sinking huge amounts of cash into new franchise restaurants they knew would never…

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