November 17, 2021

Miami’s tech scene is having a moment as Silicon Valley power players descend on the city. But not everyone loves the changes they bring.

  • The first viral Miami moment happened in December when Mayor Francis Suarez tweeted “How can I help?”
  • Since then, top Silicon Valley investors and tech founders have moved to South Florida.
  • But some of the old guard of Miami tech are not so happy with the recent arrivals.

On December 4, 2020, during the darkest days of the pandemic, Silicon Valley discovered Miami.

That’s when Silicon Valley VC Delian Asparouhov tweeted, only partially in jest, “ok guys hear me out, what if we move silicon valley to miami?” and Mayor Francis Suarez tweeted in answer “How can I help?”
Their tweets went viral and since then tech founders and VCs including Asparouhov, an investor at Founders Fund, have flocked to South Florida, bringing their skills, network, and wealth along with them.
Atomic’s Jack Abraham was one of the first to arrive, months before the “How can I help?” tweet. He extended a…

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