November 16, 2021

Mid-Valley Scam Alert: Beware sweepstakes scams | Local

As the U.S. waits for another potential round of stimulus checks, scammers are out there *smishing.* That is, using text messages to try to steal peoples information and money.”It says, ‘Karen, you have been accepted for our COVID relief program, you are now eligible to earn $1,472 dollars a day,'” said Karen Manning to Newsy’s partner KSHB. “It makes me mad to think about somebody using that to get money out of people.” “Look at the attackers as like very smart direct marketers. They go with the zeitgeist. They go with what’s happening in the media, what consumers are hearing,” said Jacinta Tobin, vice president of Cloudmark Operations at Proofpoint.”They’re throwing the numbers in these text scams to be very similar to the numbers that the government is promising to get stimulus checks out on. So they are iterating their attacks and they are crafting their messaging to take advantage of the…

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