October 20, 2021
General News

Military and the State: Domesticating the Geopolitics

Tilanga, as per my understanding is the name given by the then-king Prithvi Narayan Shah to the oldest army in South Asia, the Nepali Army, which later became Gorkhali Army and Nepali Army (NA) in modern times.

The military’s nomenclature outlines the Himalayan state’s historical and political implications. Its role in the unification of Nepal and the protection of the country has been undeniable since time immemorial.

Similarly, at a time when the British Raj was exerting its claws in South Asia, Divya Upadesh primarily elucidated the strategy for safeguarding Nepal’s sovereignty and territorial integrity both internally and externally.

Nepal’s geographical position had succeeded in its strategic defense against British encroachment. However, the Sughauli Treaty, signed in 1814 AD during the war between Nepal and the East India Company, marked the end of the national…

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