November 16, 2021
General News

Modi Foresaw Emergency Resistance as Tell-tale Sign of Shift, Predicted India’s Politics Will Change Forever

Even after 46 years, India has not been able to forget the Emergency. The underground activities during the Emergency had changed the political direction of the country and Narendra Modi, currently occupying the chair of Prime Minister, is the direct outcome of this very shift. During Emergency, he was merely 24. A year after the Emergency was lifted, he had announced that the politics in the country had shifted forever and the days are not far when Jana Sangh will be the most formidable alternative in the country replacing the Congress. At that time, not many people took him seriously.

The year was 1978 and a 24-year-old youth had reached Delhi from Kerala after getting his MA degree. As a student, he had attended the shakhas of the Sangh. He had got the job of a trainee journalist in UNI, a new agency, and with no place to live, he had headed to Keshav Kunj, the Sangh office at…

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