September 16, 2021
General News

Montana law contradicts CDC quarantine recommendations | 406 Politics

“It seems extreme to me that state law would prohibit us from following CDC guidance,” said Anna Conley, a deputy county attorney with the Missoula County Attorney’s Office.

Spokespeople for the state Department of Justice and the governor’s office said it was up to county attorneys to interpret state law.

The Missoula board of health voted unanimously to keep issuing quarantine orders for unvaccinated close contacts after a public hearing in which Dr. James Quirk, chief medical officer at Partnership Health Center, urged the board to follow CDC recommendations rather than state law, which he said violated the board’s obligations.

“There’s the law, and then there’s a moral obligation,” Quirk said.

Health experts said that ignoring CDC guidelines could have particularly devastating effects in schools, where infected teachers, students and staff could come in close contact with…

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