November 17, 2021

More women in hi-tech field, but gender issue remains

by Keren Setton

JERUSALEM, June 6 (Xinhua) — As women continue to make headway in the tech world, further progress is still needed.

Late last month, in a conference on workforce diversity in Europe, Middle East and Africa, achievements were lauded, while it is agreed that more work shall be done.

The conference was held online with 3,000 attendees, broadcast on various social media platforms. Palestinian and Israeli women shared their stories. While their challenges and experiences are different, there are similarities in the journey women take which was previously a career path designated for men only.

Gal Moshe, a 31-year-old Israeli woman who works in Microsoft as a software developer, was one of the speakers at the conference. She had studied psychology and management and began working at Intel as an analyst. She says it was difficult for her to make the transition to work in…

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