October 20, 2021
General News

Morrison’s mates cream the vaccine failure

There is only one thing worse than the Morrison Government under-investing in the economy to meet some political goal of budget austerity. That’s the Morrison Government electing to spend money and falling foul of its hapless implementation and project management.

Exhibit number one is the vaccine rollout, the only job that Morrison gave himself in the pandemic, which continues to disappoint daily.

Today’s mess comes courtesy of the new boom in vaccine hesitancy, courtesy of Morrison’s horrendous procurement policy:

  • Almost one-quarter of available vaccines are going unused.
  • 50-70-year-olds are waiting for Pfizer jabs over Astra Zeneca.

Of course, they are. Why wouldn’t they? It doesn’t matter that the AZ risk is small. The Pfizer vaccine has better efficacy against the original virus and all variants. Which is no doubt why Morrison gave it to himself while buying…

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