November 17, 2021

‘My bank said ‘we think you’ve been scammed”

Online fraudsters are using text messages to trick people into handing over their credit card details, in a cybercrime con that police say is fooling dozens of people every single week. 

Scammers are typically taking between €800 and €1,800 per victim, with as many as 20 police reports being filed every single day

The scam is very similar to one that played out in France during the 2020 Christmas period, and investigators believe a ring of cybercriminals operating outside the European Union are behind it. 

Victims are typically lured through an SMS text message purporting to be from a postal or parcel delivery service. The text message informs them that they must pay a nominal fee – usually under €2 – to ensure delivery of a parcel. 

Once victims submit their credit card details, the scam is complete and the cybercriminals begin withdrawing money from accounts. 

Watch out for the scams. Video: Karl Andrew Micallef


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