June 20, 2021

Nanaimo man scammed after lending money and receiving fake gold jewelry in return – Nanaimo News Bulletin

A Nanaimo man was scammed after trying to lend a family money and accepting fake gold jewelry as collateral.

Nanaimo RCMP issued a press release this week warning of several scams that have happened this spring, including one at a food service business in the north end on April 3.

Police say the victim, who was working at the time, was approached by a “well-dressed couple” with two small children in a newer-model vehicle. The couple asked for money, saying they had lost their wallet. They gave the victim several pieces of gold jewelry as collateral and said they would phone him in “couple of days” to arrange repayment.

“The victim later discovered the address they provided was fake and the phone number given was incomplete,” said RCMP.

The suspects were described as Middle Eastern. The woman was close to six feet tall, dressed in black and wore a red and white…

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