November 17, 2021

NASA celebrates Juno’s 10th birthday by extending the life of its mission-Technology News, Firstpost

Juneau, a NASA space probe, completed its 10-year launch on Thursday, August 5. The Juno mission started in 2011. After a five-year journey, the probe entered an elliptical polar orbit around Jupiter, a gas giant.

NASA First extended the Juno mission to July 2021 in June 2018. However, in 2021, it was extended again by the agency until September 2025, so the spacecraft may transmit observations for at least the next four years.

Artist illustration of Juno satellite with Jupiter in the background. Image Credit: NASA

Since 2016, Juno probes have shared Jupiter’s observations.The first observation shared by Junho was reported to be that Jupiter’s stripes were far more widespread in the planet’s atmosphere.

It was also able to detect Jupiter’s internal magnetic field, making it the only planet outside of Earth to have this…

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