March 1, 2021
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Internet sleuths crack secret message hidden on Mars Perseverance’s parachute

Tens of millions of people watched the extraordinary landing of the Perseverance rover on Mars, but few with as much interest as Maxence Abela, a 23-year-old computer and IT student at Epitech, a graduate school for information and new technologies in Paris.He describes himself as a big fan of space exploration, so he listened in when NASA official...
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Mars scientist from Alberta excitedly awaits landing of NASA’s Perseverance probe

Chris Herd plans to be in his living room in Edmonton on Thursday but his heart will be on Mars.The University of Alberta planetary geologist — one of a select team of scientists working with NASA — hopes to watch the successful touchdown of the Perseverance Rover, a probe designed to eventually bring back rocks from the red planet that could revea...