November 17, 2021

Nathan Anderson, the Hindenburg founder taking on the Spacs

Nathan Anderson has earned enough bad publicity by delving into allegations of corporate fraud so much that he knew he could be a persona non grata at a party in New York.

“I don’t lead.” Hello, my name is Nate. I’m a short seller, “says the founder of Hindenberg Research. “This is a great way to get out of a party or social gathering.”

Anderson is renowned for undertaking some of the most popular businesses exposed at the jackpots of recent blank check companies, such as electric truck startups Nicola and Lordstown Motors.

This week he targeted and dropped bombs on the already struggling special-purpose acquisition market. Draft Kings, The sports betting business, which is widely regarded as the catalyst for the boom. Stocks initially fell by more than 11%, but have since recovered significantly.

According to Refinitiv, Spac is in a record year and has raised more than $ 100 billion so far, but Anderson’s…

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